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At Just Dance, we offer a large variety of classes and opportunities for all ages and levels.  Check out the list below.  For more information or with any questions about our classes, please contact us.


Acrobatics at Just Dance focuses on strength and flexibility that astudent can transfer into their other dance classes. A few basictumbling exercises will be taught, such as forward rolls,handstands, cartwheels and round-offs. This is not a gymnastics course and students wishing to pursue gymnastics should not usethis as training. This class is great for dancers who want an extra class every week that works on back and hip flexibility and full-body strength




Classical ballet training is very important at Just Dance. Ballet teaches technique that is imperative to all genres of dance. Each level of ballet will focus on proper turn outfrom the hips, posture and balance, and detailed training in ballet vocabulary and technique.




Cheerleading at Just Dance focuses on developing coordination and technique thatwill transfer into recreational, school, or competitive cheerleading.



Combo Classes

Best suited for students ages 4 through 8, combos are available as follows:

  • Ballet/Tap/Jazz

  • Ballet/Jazz/Acro

  • Jazz/Hip Hop/Acro



Creative Movement

Designed for ages 3-4, creative movement is a great way to introduce your child into the world of dance. This class will teach basic dance movements associated with jazz, ballet and acrobatics while incorporating fun rhymes and songs that keep the child’s interest.



Hip Hop

Hip hop classes are focused on basic stretches, body isolations, and combinations that will encourage each student to break out and explore the world of this fun-filled genre.  Dancers are encouraged to express their individuality andfind their own style through hip hop! 


Intro to Acrobatics

This class is designed for ages 4-6,  Basic tumbling and flexibility exercises will be taught, such as forward rolls,cartwheels, bridges, splits and jumps. This class is a great beginning course for young students who want to focus onacrobatics and gymnastics. 




Jazz classes at Just Dance focus on the traditional technique of jazz while incorporating popular music that keeps students interested. Parallel hip placement is worked on at a detailed level in stretches, turns and across the floor patterns. 




Modern dance tends to strike quite a level of interest with young dancers today. At Just Dance, these classes will focus on combining the techniques of jazz and ballet to explore the world of this often unknown style through thechaotic and pedestrian-like technique associated with modern dance. 




Tap classes focus on building quickness with footwork and ankle strength and flexibility needed to become a strong tap dancer.  Each class starts with several barre exercises then moves to center and across the floor combinations working with different rhythm patterns.



Terrific Twos


Your brand new, little dancer will be introduced to the dance world with love, patience and most importantly…FUN!  They will learn basic dance movements associated with jazz, ballet and acrobatics while incorporating fun rhymes and songs that keep the child’s interest. 



Vocal/Piano Classes

Miss Patti Albert is the coordinator for our Vocal and Musical Theater program at Just Dance.

Small group class takes place once a week for 45 minutes.  Students are put in classes with others of the same age.


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